ESP32-WROVER Breakout-Board

  • I receives ESP32 Breakout-Boards from your shop and I preparing the soldering.

    I did not found on the Internet the schematic of this Himalaya board.

    With a magnifier, I succeed to imagine how the 2 pull-down resistors and 2 buttons are connected.

    But at the bottom of the board, there is :

    • 1 line with 16 holes
    • 3 lines with 12 holes
    • 2 small blocks with 3 lines of 2 holes

    I don't know if these holes are connected or completely independent ?

  • The holes are just for prototyping and not used.

    One button is Reset, the other one is GPIOO, which has to be pressed during reset to go into flashing mode. But, this can be done by the serial flasher, too, so you do not need the GPIO0 button.

    Also, I would add a big ceramic cap between VCC and 3,3 V of 10 uF. That is what the datasheet says.

    You need to connect RX => IO1, TX => IO3, DTR => IO0 and RTS => EN from the serial flasher. Then lowsync flash should work!

    Does this help?

  • @neoniousTR
    If lowsync can do the job without having to press buttons, I will only solder resistors not buttons.

    It is not clear for me if the 2 pull-up resistors will consume some current in sleep modes.

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