IR remote (mixing JavaScript and C/C++)

  • I want to build an IR transmitter/receiver as a first project with low.js

    Can you help me with understanding the workflow in using ESP32 libraries with low.js? for example IRremoteESP8266. How do I add this module on the Neonious One (which I have) and also when I'm using lowsync with an external IDE on a generic WROVER?

    Do I have to understand how to use the low.js native API with a linker script in order to map the C++ commands of the library through to JavaScript?
    And then load all that with low.js onto the ESP32 where I can then use lowsync to load the JavaScript?

  • IRremoveESP8266 is a C/C++ library. So yes, you need to create a JavaScript API Layer based on the low.js native API.

    When you have that single module file it works on the neonious one and general ESP32 modules both in the IDE and via lowsync. You just have to upload it and require() it in JavaScript.

    That's it, basically..

  • @neoniousTR thank you for claifying the process. I'll give this a try.

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